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The following is a list of common nomenclature used on this wiki:

Nomenclature Meaning
(su)cs Critical State Undrained Shear Strength
(su)p Peak Undrained Shear Strength
(ua-uw) Matric Suction
c' Effective Cohesion Factor
Dr Relative Density
e Void Ratio
E' and E's Effective Elastic Modulus (Drained Conditions) or Effective Young's Modulus (Drained Conditions)
Eu Undrained Elastic Modulus or Undrained Young's Modulus
g Acceleration Due to Gravity (~9.81 m/s2)
G Shear Modulus
Gmax Maximum Shear Modulus
Gs Specific Gravity or Particle Density
Ms Mass of Solids
Mw Mass of Water
Mt Total Mass
n Porosity
Pz Axial Plunger Load
S Degree of Saturation
su Undrained Shear Strength
ua Pore Air Pressure
uw Pore Water Pressure
v Poisson's Ratio
Va Volume of Air
Vs Volume of Solids
Vt Total Volume
Vv Volume of Voids
Vw Volume of Water
w Net Water Content by Weight
w1 Gross Water Content by Weight
Ws Mass of Solids
Wt Total Mass
Ww Mass of Water
ψ Matric Suction
ε1 Axial Strain
θ Volumetric Water Content (Gross)
θnet Volumetric Water Content (Net)
φ' or Φ' Effective Internal Friction Angle
φ'cs or Φ'cs Critical State Effective Internal Friction Angle
φ'p or Φ'p Peak Effective Internal Friction Angle
ρb Bulk Density or Wet Density
ρd Dry Density
ρst Specific Gravity or Particle Density
ρw Density of Water (~1 g/cm3)
γ Unit Weight or Bulk Unit Weight or Wet Unit Weight
γb Bulk Unit Weight or Wet Unit Weight
γd Dry Unit Weight
γsat Saturated Unit Weight
γw Unit Weight of Water (~9.81 kN/m3)
γ' Effective Unit Weight
σ Normal Stress
σ1 Axial Stress or Major Principal Stress
σ3 Confining Stress or Minor Principal Stress
σc Contact Stress
σd Deviator Stress
σ' Effective Stress
τ Shear Stress
χ Bishop's Factor for the Degree of Saturation - See Liquefaction

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