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This page includes details regarding incidents where a solid bulk cargo possibly underwent liquefaction while being transported on bulk carriers.

Note: This list currently under review. Please check back soon for updates.

Note: All the incidents listed on this page and the associated map are from "Liquefaction Incidents of Mineral Cargoes on Board Bulk Carriers" by Michael C. Munro and Abbas Mohajerani[1].

List of Suspected Liquefaction Incidents

The following is a partial list of incidents involving bulk carriers carrying solid bulk cargoes which may have possibly undergone liquefaction:

Vessel Subclass Loss of Vessel Date of Incident Lives Lost Loaded Destination Incident Location Cargo DWT (tonnes) Cargo (tonnes) References
CHC No.3 (formally Padang Hawk) Handymax No 26 July 1999 0 of 20 Kouaoua, New Caledonia Townsville, Australia Off the coast of Townsville, Australia Nickel Ore 46,635 N/A [1] and see Padang Hawk wiki page
Hui Long Handysize Yes 20 May 2005 0 of 23 Sungai Pakning, Indonesia India 173 nautical miles from Sri Lanka, position at 5º55.5’N 84º 20.7’E Flourspar 16,000 5,185 [1] and Sinking of M.V. Hui Long
(Download PDF)
Jian Fu Star Handysize Yes 27 October 2010 13 of 25 Obi Island, Indonesia China (Qingdao) Cape Eluanbi, Taiwan (South China Sea) Nickel Ore 24,593 43,000 [2][1]
Nasco Diamond Handymax Yes 9 November 2010 22 of 25 Kolonodale, Indonesia China Pacific Ocean, 200 miles SE of Eluanbi Point, Taiwan, China Nickel Ore 56,893 55,150 [3][1]
Hong Wei Handymax Yes 3 December 2010 10 of 24 Kolonodale, Indonesia China South China Sea, 120 miles Southwest of Cape Eluanbi, Taiwan Nickel Ore 50,149 40,000 [4][1]
Trans Summer Handymax Yes 14 August 2013 0 of 21 Subaim, Indonesia China 80 kilometres south-west of Hong Kong, Samuel Yip Nickel Ore 56,824 54,067 [5][1]
Bulk Jupiter Supramax Yes 2 January 2015 18 of 19 Kuantan, Malaysia China Off the coast of Vung Tau, Vietnam Bauxite 56,009 46,400 [1] and See Bulk Jupiter wiki page

Interactive Map

The intended and traveled routes shown on the map above are based on typical voyages made by bulk carriers and some are therefore approximate.


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