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Graphical representation of a compaction curve produced by performing a Proctor/Fagerberg Test (PFT) on a solid bulk cargo. Source:

The Critical Moisture Content (CMC) is the point at which a graphical representation of the compaction curve of a solid bulk cargo, produced while performing the Proctor/Fagerberg Test (PFT) or the Modified Proctor/Fagerberg Test (MPFT), intersects the degree of saturation line equal to 70% or 80% depending on which test is being performed and what solid bulk cargo is being tested. This term was first used during Bengt Fagerberg's research into the PFT.[1]

Proctor/Fagerberg Test (PFT)[edit]

Appendix 2 of the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code (IMSBC Code) states "the Transportable Moisture Limit (TML) of a cargo is taken as equal to the critical moisture content at 70% degree of saturation according to the Proctor/Fagerberg method test".[2]

Modified Proctor/Fagerberg Test (PFT)[edit]

Iron Ore Fines[edit]

The circular DSC.1/Circ.71 states "the TML of Iron Ore Fines is taken as equal to the critical moisture content at 80% degree of saturation according to the modified Proctor/Fagerberg method test".[3]


In the Modified Proctor/Fagerberg Method for Coal it states that "The critical moisture content is determined from the intersection of the compaction curve and the line S = 70% degree of saturation, with the gross water content corresponding to this intersection defined as the PFD70 value. The PFD70 value is reported as the Transportable Moisture Limit".[4]


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