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Bulk Jupiter (Source: http://shipspotting.com/)
Rescuers move the body of a crew member of the Bulk Jupiter cargo ship to an ambulance in Vietnam's coastal city of Vung Tau on Monday (Photo: Reuters, Source: The Sydney Morning Herald).
Rescuers are seen taking one of the two bodies of the Bulk Jupiter's crew members ashore in the southern city of Vung Tau on January 4, 2015 (Source: Tuoi Tre News).
The chef (L) of the cargo ship Bulk Jupiter with 19 Filipino crew members aboard that sank off the southern Vietnamese city of Vung Tau on January 2, 2015. He was rescued on the same day, along with the recovery of two bodies of the sailors, while the 16 others remain unaccounted for (Source: Tuoi Tre News).
Bulk Jupiter issued distress signals at 22:54 hours UTC on January 1st in position lat 9".01' 01:001N, long 109" 15' 26.01E [1] (Source: Google Maps).

Note: A report[2] has been released regarding the investigation into the sinking of the Bulk Jupiter. This page has not yet been updated to reflect this report. Please refer to the report for updated information. The report can be seen on the Documents page or downloaded by clicking here.

The Bulk Jupiter (IMO 9339947) was a Bahamian-registered, 2006-built[3] supramax[4] bulk carrier which sank between 6 am and 7 am on January 2, 2015[4] off the coast of Vung Tau, Vietnam[5] while transporting a cargo of bauxite from Kuantan in Malaysia to China[4]. The Bulk Jupiter had a Dead Weight Tonnage (DWT) of 56,009 metric tonnes[3].


Vessel Subclass Loss of Vessel Date of Incident Lives Lost Loaded Destination Incident Location Cargo DWT (tonnes) Cargo (tonnes) Reference(s)
Bulk Jupiter Supramax Yes 2 January 2015 18 of 19 Kuantan, Malaysia China Off the coast of Vung Tau, Vietnam Bauxite 56,009 46,400 See main text

Crew and Fatalities[edit]

Of the 19 Filipino crew members on board, the ship's chief cook, Angelito Capindo Rojas, is the only known survivor[6], picked up shortly after the incident by the tug boat, M/V OLNG Muttrah[1] while other rescue vessels found the empty lifeboats from the Bulk Jupiter[5]. On the Friday after the incident, the joint rescue force found two bodies drifting at sea, one of which was the ship’s captain, Andrin Ronel Acueza, 46, and the other was the third Officer, Dinoy Jerome Maquilang, 23. All other crew members are still missing[7] and presumed dead.

Crew List[edit]

Family Name Given Name Ranking or Rating Nationality Date of Birth Status After Incident
Andrin Ronel Acueza Captain Philippines 03/07/1969 Found Dead
Abogadie Renner Karl Resos Chief Officer Philippines 04/09/1985 Missing, Presumed Dead
Ranara Gibbson Ladica 2nd Officer Philippines 27/09/1982 Missing, Presumed Dead
Dinoy Jerome Maquilang 3rd Officer Philippines 09/08/1991 Found Dead
Bacalla Alexis Thomas Piala Jr 3rd Officer Philippines 15/12/1990 Missing, Presumed Dead
Damasen Joseph Bantolino Chief Engineer Philippines 28/12/1972 Missing, Presumed Dead
Correos Lot Olavides 2nd Engineer Philippines 12/10/1985 Missing, Presumed Dead
Mendoza Reydante Santos 3rd Engineer Philippines 30/03/1970 Missing, Presumed Dead
Gapasin Ricky Arangorin Electrician Philippines 11/03/1985 Missing, Presumed Dead
Aleta Jonniefer Derapite Bosun Philippines 17/10/1970 Missing, Presumed Dead
Toribio Renato II Flores AB 1 Philippines 12/02/1978 Missing, Presumed Dead
Balazo Wynfred Penaranda AB 2 Philippines 25/12/1975 Missing, Presumed Dead
Melecio Edger II Tabanao OS 1 Philippines 29/10/1988 Missing, Presumed Dead
Espliguera George Jr. Barbaso OS 2 Philippines 12/12/1987 Missing, Presumed Dead
Acebo Edwin Deriada Fitter Philippines 18/01/1964 Missing, Presumed Dead
Sansolis Rosilo Navarro Motorman Philippines 21/04/1986 Missing, Presumed Dead
Flora Gilbert Feliciano Wiper Philippines 11/11/1982 Missing, Presumed Dead
Rojas Angelito Capindo Chief Cook Philippines 03/08/1972 Survived
Causarin Mark Timothy Denosta Galley Boy Philippines 24/05/1992 Missing, Presumed Dead

See Crew List (PDF)


The surviving crew member recounted the incident:

  • Rojas told officials that he had no idea what happened with the ship. "I don't understand why the ship had the accident and sank," he was quoted as saying "I just knew that the ship, which was on its way, suddenly tilted. I just had time to put on life vest and jump into the sea."[6].
  • When asked for more information related to the shipwreck, Rojas said he did not remember, saying he was tired[7].
  • Despite being explained and convinced that all of the information he supplies will help a great deal in save the remaining missing crewmembers, Rojas refused to continue talking[7].


The cargo of bauxite was loaded onto the Bulk Jupiter in Kuantan, Malaysia[4] and departed the port around 20:00 on December 30, 2015[1]. Between 6 am and 7 am local time on January 2, 2015, five days into its voyage to China[4], the Bulk Jupiter sank off off the coast of Vung Tau, Vietnam[5]. The Bulk Jupiter issued distress signals at 22:54 hours UTC on January 1st in position lat 9".01' 01:001N, long 109" 15' 26.01E which were received by the Japanese Coast Guard[1].

The following map is from "Liquefaction Incidents of Mineral Cargoes on Board Bulk Carriers" by Michael C. Munro and Abbas Mohajerani[8]:


The Bulk Jupiter was carrying 46,400 metric tonnes of bauxite when the incident occurred[9]. All of the Bulk Jupiter's five cargo holds contained bauxite[1].


According to the sole survivor of the 19-strong Filipino crew, Rojas Angelito Capindo, the ship’s chef, stated that the incident occurred very quickly and for no apparent reason[4] with the vessel listing to one side during the disaster[7]. This account of the speed of the incident is consistent with several previous dry bulk carrier losses involving cargo liquefaction, therefore this is the suspected cause[4][10][7]. During the search and rescue, the parties involved stated they were hampered by bad weather, indicating this also could be related to the incident. "The weather is very bad with high waves and strong winds," said Pham Hien, Vice President of the Vung Tau Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, which lead the search for the victims[9].


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