Recent Updates and Notifications

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Date: Update:
The IMSBC Code, 2016 Edition, is now available to order. Visit to view a List of distributors in your area. The previous 2013 edition will remain valid until 31 December 2016 after which it will become obsolete.
New Void ratio, Degree of saturation and Volume of air Calculators available. View the available Calculators and Converters for the links.
You can now embed Google My Maps on any page of the Wiki. You can learn how to do this on the Help page and live examples can be seen on the Incident and Bulk Jupiter pages.
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Gravimetric to volumetric Moisture content Converter added to the site. Access the Converter via the other link in the navigation bar.
New Documents added to the Wiki relating to the development of the Modified Proctor/Fagerberg Test for Coal. Also, Documents have been added that provide information on the current testing being performed on Bauxite to determine its Liquefaction potential and a valid Test method that can be used to determine the Transportable moisture limit (TML). These Documents can be found on the TML Testing Wiki by navigating to both the Documents page and the Modified Proctor/Fagerberg Test (MPFT) for Coal page.